XConnect Appoints David Schwartz as Chief Technology Officer

London, UK -- July 19, 2007 -XConnect, the world's leading provider of trusted and secure Federated IP Communications Peering, Interconnection and ENUM Registry services to the telecommunication industry, announced today the appointment of David Schwartz to the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Schwartz joins XConnect after having co-founded Kayote Networks, a leading Voice over IP (VoIP) company with the objective of providing companies with expertise in SIP and other internet telephony protocols, and having served as its CTO for the four years since its inception. Prior to Kayote, Mr. Schwartz served as Director of Telephony Research at Deltathree, Inc., a leading VoIP service provider that laid the foundation for the development of the IP Communications Industry. "XConnect is responding to strong demand for the creation of customized private peering federations for clients, including PTTs, MSOs and other strategically aligned providers while continuing to grow and expand the XConnect Alliance and DirectRoute service lines," said Eli Katz, Founder and CEO of XConnect. "David's experience in architecting and delivering large scale multi-protocol hosted services makes him uniquely qualified to help XConnect satisfy our customer's Voice Peering requirements, and we warmly welcome him to the team." Prior to Deltathree, Mr. Schwartz served as a VP in the Information Technology group at Bear Stearns & Co., Inc. (NYSE:BSC). Mr. Schwartz holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, with a focus in Communication Systems and is the author of a number of industry based standards and specifications. "Voice Peering is essential to the realization of Next Generation Networks and Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), in which advanced IP Communications services enable and enhance interconnectivity. XConnect enables carriers to bridge IP islands that are interconnected today via the PSTN, to achieve breakthrough efficiencies in their networks and interconnects, to reduce termination costs and to extend their advanced services to more customer calls," said Mr. Schwartz. "XConnect's technological leadership has been a major driver of the rapid growth of VoIP Peering, and I'm excited to join this dynamic team."