Tellfree,, GlobalNova ComunicaƧƵes, Conceito Telecom and Easytone select XConnect and Terremark to create first of its kind Brazilian VoIP Peering Federation

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL and SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA - March 19, 2007 - Leading Brazilian Voice Service Providers Tellfree,, GlobalNova, Conceito Telecom and Easytone today announced they have signed a letter of intent to establish a VoIP Peering Federation for VoIP service providers in Brazil, of which they will be founding members. The new Brazilian VoIP Peering Federation will be developed and managed by XConnect, the world's largest neutral provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) peering services and operator of the XConnect Global Alliance. Terremark do Brasil Ltd., a leading provider of interconnectivity solutions in Brazil and wholly owned subsidiary of Terremark Worldwide Inc. (AMEX: TWW ) will provide layer two private Ethernet connectivity and co-location services to the new federation. The Brazilian VoIP Peering Federation is the first of its kind in South America and only the second such national federation worldwide. In 2006 XConnect was selected by a consortium of MSOs in the Netherlands to operate SIP Exchange, the world's first national VoIP Peering Federation. The Brazilian VoIP Peering Federation will enable its members to exchange VoIP traffic between their subscribers directly over IP networks, completely bypassing traditional phone networks and thereby eliminating PSTN interconnection fees and the featurelimitations and quality issues associated with PSTN-VoIP transcoding. The group selected XConnect to address critical VoIP Peering issues including: ENUM Registry management (providing a secure and distributed database system of phone numbers), full signaling interoperability between the disparate operators; and comprehensive identity & security capabilities including prevention of SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony) and Vishing (caller-ID spoofing). The Brazilian Federation will also enable multimedia-rich IP communications services, such as video and presence, to be delivered across all the member service providers. "We commend the foresight of the Brazilian VoIP Service Providers in identifying the importance of VoIP peering in order to differentiate their services from the traditional PSTN. Peering will enable them to launch new services and features on a nationwide basis and allow them to eliminate unnecessary PSTN charges," said Eli Katz, CEO of XConnect. "We believe that this national federation will be the second of many, and that XConnect's technology and infrastructure is unique in offering comprehensive solutions to the Registry, Signaling, Security and Commercial challenges inherent in VoIP Peering." "We are excited to have been selected to host the XConnect solutions at Terremark's NAP of Brazil and support the Brazilian VoIP Peering Federation," said Hugo Zanon,Director for Terremark Operations in Brazil. "The synergies between XConnect's VoIPPeering offer and Terremark's Exchange Services Platform will create an unparallel andunique value proposition for the VoIP Service Providers operating in Brazil.""VoIP telephony services are growing rapidly in Brazil as well as in the global market.XConnect's private federation solutions enable integration between different platformsand IP operators assuring traffic exchange in a safe and simple way" said Daniel Duarte,General Manager of Tellfree Brasil Telefonia IP S/A. "The XConnect peering federationmodel creates an environment based on mutual trust, andTellfree has great expectations regarding the new Brazilian Federation." "Pioneering Brazilian VoIP Service Providers like Easytone overcame many challengesto deliver VoIP services to the market." Said André Ito, General Manager, EasytoneTelecom, " Today, there is no way to stop the evolution of the VoIP technology and theBrazilian VoIP Peering Federation will be the first step towards a interconnection proposition compatible with the philosophies of Next-Generation Carriers."" VOIP is known as an innovator, and VoIP Peering has already become a worldwide reality that has generated a whole new business opportunity" said RodrigoCapriles Smith, Business Director and Partner of TDKom Informatica Ltda, operator of, "Peering is the natural service evolution of VoIP, and as a founding member strongly supports the peering federation visiondeveloped by XConnect in order to make it a successful reality in Brazil.""VoIP is the most exciting and industry changing telecom technology in the past 100years. To achieve maximum quality while enabling innovative new IP based services,VoIP peering is a necessity." said Cláudio Roberto da Silva, Relationship and OperationsDirector at Conceito Telecom Ltd. "VoIP Peering requires complex technical expertiseand experience that XConnect brings to the table, and to which the new Brazilian Federation is committed""GlobalNova Comunicações is excited to join the new Brazilian VoIP Peering Federation and looks forward to this promising initiative" Said Márcio K. Zago, NetworkOperations Manager, GlobalNova, "the XConnect federation will allow all associated operators to exchange traffic, reduce operational costs, gain access to leading edge technologies and improve the quality of service provided to customers."

About Terremark

Terremark Worldwide, Inc. (AMEX:TWW) is a leading operator of integrated Internetexchanges and a global provider of managed IT infrastructure solutions for government and private sectors. Terremark delivers its portfolio of services from seven locations inthe U.S., Europe and Latin America and from four service aggregation and distribution locations, which aggregate network traffic and distribute network-based services in Europe and Asia to meet specific customer needs. Terremark's flagship facility, the NAP of the Americas, is the model for the carrier-neutral Internet exchanges the company has in Santa Clara, California (NAP of the Americas/West), in Sao Paulo, Brazil (NAP do Brasil) and in Madrid, Spain (NAP de las Americas - Madrid). The carrier-neutral NAP of the Americas is a state-of-the-art facility that provides exchange point, colocation and managed services. Terremark is headquartered at 2601 S. Bayshore Drive, 9th Floor, Miami, Florida USA, (305) 856-3200. More information about Terremark Worldwide can be found at

About Tellfree

Headquarted in São Paulo with representatives all over the country, Tellfree was the first IP telephony company in Brazil, and is a leader in this segment in Brazil, with more than 5,000 customers of which 95% are in the corporate segment. In order to deliver its high quality services to meet the needs of the corporate and residential market, Tellfree combines its internal technological expertise, state of the art technology platform, robust data centers (SLA of 99,8% a year) with carrier services to over 850 routes in more than 200 countries. For more information, please visit

About iVOZ

Founded on January 2004, has its activities focused on VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) value added services to the corporate market. started its operations in São Paulo marketplace, conceptualizing its proprietary and independent technology platform, which has evolved to a nationwide service with more than 150 dealers throughout Brazil. iVoz's is exclusively focused on providing services the residential market, directly or via iVOZ authorized providers.

About Conceito Telecom

Conceito Telecom is a VoIP Provider Company, authorized from ANATEL (Brazilian Agency of Telecommunication) with the SCM License (Multimedia Commutation Service) and STFC-5 License (Service of Telephony Fixed and Commuted) to developtelecommunication services in Brazil. Conceito owns and operates networks in the main Brazilian states, and is focused on maintaining high quality and for its VoIP customers.

About GlobalNova

A GlobalNova is a telecommunication company authorized to operate by ANATEL (Brazilian Agency of Telecommunication) under the name of TELENOVA COMUNICAÇÕES. Its main products are pre paid phone cards to long distance and international calls and other residential and corporate VoIP products.

About Easytone Telecom

Easytone, a Brazilian telecommunication company founded in 2001, is authorized by ANATEL (Brazilian Regulatory Agency) to operate SCM (Multimedia CommunicationServices) and CFTS (Commuted Fixed Telephony Services). Its rapidly expanding infrastructure currently serves the major cities in Brazil, with the goal of offering nationalcoverage, and is fully based on MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) technology private network, which enables Easytone to provide services with superior quality, security and flexibility."