DIGITALK Now Certified XConnect-Ready Making VoIP Federation-Based Routing Quick, Simple and Easy

LONDON, UK, Nov. 3, 2008 - XConnect, the world's largest provider of voice-over-IP (VoIP) federation peering services, today announced that the DIGITALK SIP Application Server has been certified XConnect-ReadyTM having completed interoperability testing based on SIP signaling and ENUM queries with XConnect Federations.

XConnect's certification ensures DIGITALK customers, such as Telfort, BT, and Cable & Wireless, will be able to rapidly connect to XConnect Peering Federations to reduce the costs of terminating VoIP calls to millions of telephone numbers in the XConnect registry, protect their networks from spam-over-Internet-telephony (SPIT) attacks, and reliably deliver new IP communications services across disparate and often separate mobile, wireline and IP based telephony networks .

"We are pleased to welcome DIGITALK to our XConnect Ready program" said Eli Katz, XConnect CEO. "We look forward to working with them to deliver the benefits of ENUM and VoIP Peering to service providers, enabling them to lower termination costs, streamline operations and deliver increasingly higher levels IP Communications features on a cross network basis to their clients."

"The voice industry is moving towards Peering Federations that integrate peering and ENUM registry services to increase the efficiency of interconnection and routing, leverage new approaches to LNP, and deliver enhanced IP Communications services on more calls to their customers," said Justin Norris, Managing Director of DIGITALK. "The XConnect Ready certification is another way we are ensuring that DIGITALK solutions enable these capabilities for the future and add value for our customers."

XConnect enables feature-rich multi-media communication, reduces capex and opex and enhances call quality for service providers via its multi-lateral XConnect Alliance, DirectRoute and Private Federations services. XConnect Federations are carrier-neutral peering environments that deliver complete signaling interoperability, intelligent ENUM Registry services, and VoIP security for the interconnection of XConnect Members, which include voice over broadband providers, MSOs, and PTTs. The XConnect Ready Partner Program is an ecosystem of vendors and solution providers dedicated to facilitate service provider peering.


DIGITALK is an independent developer of multiservice platforms. DIGITALK's customers include large fixed network, mobile network operators, as well as new carriers, Internet Service Providers and Application Service Providers. They depend on DIGITALK's Multiservice Platform to deploy scalable, innovative and enhanced voice service, including; Prepaid Calling Cards, Broadband Telephony, IP Virtual Office, Service numbers and Prepaid Mobile. Headquartered in the UK, DIGITALK prides itself on its ability to respond to customer's needs, which is why since 1996, DIGITALK has installed more than 1200 service platforms worldwide, and why it has over 400 customers, including some of the top global service providers. DIGITALK also has offices throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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London based XConnect is the leading provider of secure, ENUM based Peering Federations. XConnect's services enable telecom companies to offer rich multimedia IP communications on a cross-network basis and reduce interconnection costs. Backed by Tier1 Venture Capital firms including Accel Partners and Venrock Associates, XConnect was selected by the cable industry in the Netherlands to operate the first national VoIP peering solution, and has lead industry consolidation via the acquisition of the European carrier ENUM exchange, and US-based peering service IPeerX Inc.

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